Bachelor of Mass Media

Media has perhaps played the most powerful role in history, politics, economics & society. It is not limited being a tool of communication anymore. In our present day world, media- broadcast and print media in particular, are considered mainly to be entities that reflect the face of the society as it exists today.

Bachelor of Mass Media is a media based course, and at present is a sought after media program within the undergraduate student community. It provides the students with a perfect platform to showcase their projects, presentations and performances and simultaneously develop their talents, excelling themselves in their chosen arena of media outlets viz. Advertising or Journalism.

Eligibility and Admission

Student seeking admission should fulfill the following criteria:

Std XII (HSC) or Equivalent examination from any recognized board with English as a compulsory subject for admission to B.M.M.

The Original certificates along with certified copies of the following have to be submitted at the time of admission:
1. Std XII (HSC) Mark sheet
2. College Leaving Certificate

Students from other states need to produce eligibility certificates from S. N. D. T. Women’s University, Mumbai. The Students should note that unless the application is accompanied by provisional eligibility certificate, their admission cannot be assured. Their admission becomes complete only when the S. N. D.T. Women’s University confirms the same after receiving Migration or Transfer Certificate from the respective boards/University+.H.S.C. passing certificate.

As per the rule of University / Department of Education no student is allowed to keep terms simultaneously for two courses. Student seeking admission from must state that she has not registered herself at any other college institution for any course conducted by the University / Department of Education.

Eligibility for Admission to the Degree Course / Promotion to Various Semesters
  1. Admission for students to First/Second/Third years, open/reserved categories will be applied to all programs.
  2. 2. Admission to First Year:
    a) The students passing Higher Secondary Examinations in any stream Arts / Commerce / Science / Home Science from any recognized Board, with one paper of English are eligible
    b) Students passing MCVC (Minimum Competency Vocational Course) are also eligible.
    c) Students passing three years Government recognized Diplomas after 10th Std. in the relevant subject are also eligible.
  3. 3. Admission to Second Year:
    a) Student who has passed B.M.M. I from this University or any other recognized University would be eligible for admission to B.M.M. II of this University.
    b) Students from other Faculties (Non- B.M.M.) can be admitted with prerequisites of 4 credits of specialization and 4 credits of General B.M.M. (irrespective of Theory or Practical) Pre-requisite for each student is to be decided after looking at the subjects completed at the First Year level. It is recommended (depending on the preference of the student) students from Science or from Arts & Commerce can be given appropriate pre=requisite courses.
  4. 4. Admission to Third Year:
    a) Students, who have completed their Second Year in B.M.M. from any College in India, would be eligible for admission to the Third Year, according to the Program in their previous College.
Academic Term

The academic year will consist of two terms: 1st term- June to October; 2nd term – November to April


The college timings are from 9:00am- 2:00pm


Attendance in all lectures, tutorials, tests, internal assessments and examinations is compulsory. It is mandatory for students to maintain 75% attendance in each subject during each term.

Rules regarding refund of Fees

Fees once paid will not be refunded for unaided courses.

Semester Exam
  • Admission from 1st to 2nd semester will be automatic, regardless of the number of subject heads in which a student may have failed.
  • Admission to 3rd semester (from 2nd Semester) is given provided a student is not failing in more than 40% of subject heads in 1st and 2nd semester taken together.
  • Admission from 3rd to 4th Semester is automatic.
  • Admission to 5th Semester is given provided a student has passed in all subject heads in 1st and 2nd semester and is not failing in more than 40% of the subject heads of passing in 3rd and 4th Semester taken together.
  • Admission from 5th and 6th semester is automatic.
Semester Exam Rules
  • Internal examination is for 25 marks and a minimum of 10 marks is required for passing.
  • External examination is for 75 marks and a minimum of 30 marks is required for passing.
  • Each subject will be given a grade, total passing marks for each subject is 40 and the final grade point average will also be reflected in the mark sheet.
  • The College conducts internal tests in accordance with the requirements of the Education Department / University. Internal examinations are conducted in form of objective test, viva, presentation, project, practical exams, case study etc.
  • It is mandatory for students to pass in the internal examination of each subject. Students who have not passed in the internal exam cannot appear for the external exam. Student must independently pass both in the internal and external examination.
B.M.M. I
Semester I Semester II
Code Subject Code Subject
1001 Effective Communication Skills 2001 Environmental Studies
1002 Fundamentals of Mass Communication 2002 Indian Political and Economic systems
1003 Contemporary World History 2003 Introduction to Psychology
1004 Traditional Media 2004 Basic Writing
1005 Introduction to Sociology 2005 Introduction to Computers
Semester III Semester IV
Code Subject Code Subject
3001 Introduction to Print Media 4001 Introduction to Broadcasting
3002 Basics of Advertising 4002 Integrated Marketing Communication
3003 Fundamentals of Public Relations 4003 Introduction to New Media
3004 Visual Communication 4004 Writing for Media( College Level)
3005 Principles of Management 4015 Women’s Studies (College Level)
- - 4025 Women and Media (College Level)
B.M.M. III - (Specalisation- Advertising & Public Relations)
Semester V Semester VI
Code Subject Code Subject
5101 Research in Mass Media 6101 Internship
5102 Advertising & Marketing 6102 Advertising & Society
5103 Consumer Behaviour 6103 Law & Ethics in Advertising
5104 Branding 6104 Advertising Agencies
5105 Media planning & Scheduling - -
Fee Structure
Year Fees
F.Y. BMM 22,560
S.Y. BMM 20,180
T.Y. BMM 22,405